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Hospital Nutrition Services for Culturally Diverse Patients

A major study of how hospitals rate in meeting the needs of culturally diverse patients is now available. The report covers hospitals in all areas of the country, including rural, suburban, and urban hospitals.

Hospitals report that their patient mix is changing, with more people from non-Western European countries in their patient populations. This presents challenges in providing adequate, culturally acceptable nutrition services for these patients. Malnourishment can lead to longer length of stay, allowing patients' families to bring food from home which may not conform to patients' diet prescriptions can lead to increased length of stay, adverse outcomes, and other complications. Inappropriate food can be a source of poor patient satisfaction scores for hospitals.

Hospitals may purchase the study, Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Patients, for $1000. With this report you will be able to benchmark how your hospital is performing compared with other similar hospitals. You will also learn how hospitals find inexpensive, creative ways to provide appropriate nutrition for their patients. To order, please contact Marla Heller at 847-509-1540,, or fax 847-509-1118..

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