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bulletI definitely think you did a great job. -- public health nurse
bulletI LOVE YOUR BOOK, PERIOD!!  It's SO MUCH better than the book I used to get me on the diet originally. This diet is truly the best for me that I have EVER BEEN ON.  I have always eaten a lot of veggies and fruits so this was a natural for me.  Your book is so easy to read and has excellent suggestions for purchasing the right kind of food -- rice for instance --  good recipes, your Dash Kitchen, practical ideas for quick snacks and on and on. 
bulletI think you have done a fantastic job with your book, "The Dash Diet Action Plan".  I think it will benefit so many people, including myself. -- public health nurse
bulletAdditional menus, recipes, and the bigger pictures details of maintaining good health were terrific.
bulletThe menus make my mouth water. I am filling this out for my husband. Adopting the DASH eating plan radically changed his blood pressure.  After just two weeks on the plan, his blood pressure dropped to an acceptable level and even enabled us to obtain life insurance for him at the super preferred rate!
bulletThe book has gotten me to try more exercises, eat different kinds of foods, and be aware of my food intake. 
bulletThe book is packed with good info. (couldn't pick "just one" example).
bulletI believe that my family and I will be able to successfully change our eating habits. This book makes it look easy and do-able.
I just received the book this week and have just started reading it. The format is much more user-friendly than the original DASH diet book.
I have heard so much 'buzz' about the Dash Diet that I hit the web and stumbled onto your book.  I was advised by a dietician about the book by Thomas Moore.  Right off the bat, his book seemed too complicated I set it aside. Then I received your book and I was pleasantly surprised at the content.  It was easy reading, well laid out and had several charts that made sense and would be helpful on the journey I am about to embark upon. I love your book!  I am sending the dietician your book title as a recommended reading for anyone on the Dash plan. Thank you for putting things out so clearly and plainly for the average joe to understand.  But don't get me wrong, it is not so mickey-mousish that I feel stupid when reading it.

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