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Our Summertime Science Project

We found 2 new-born kittens abandoned by their mom. After an hour of listening to their cries, we decided to take them in. We found the formula (KMR formula for kittens) and bottles for newborn kittens at PetSmart, and started on our journey to hand raise baby kittens. My best advice for the formula, if you are using dry formula, use the more dilute formula recommended for the first week of life. Your kittens may get extremely constipated if you use the more concentrated recommendations, even if they are over 1 week old. If they don't have a bowel movement for more than 3 days, get them to a vet for an enema. If they are constipated they may scream when you try to stimulate them (but don't stop, you do need to do your part). For more info on raising newborn or otherwise orphaned kittens, you can download a handbook atv or and find much info for any problems at the the files at , including recipes for emergency formula.

Newborn Wendy Wendy & Sami just hours old Sami at 5 hours.

Wendy & Sami - a little older,  

about a week and a half.

Wendy didn't make it, and became a victim of fading kitten syndrome. Sami gets a ride

Sami has eyes . . .

At 3 1/2 weeks we put Sami in the litter box, and he turned around, dug a spot, and used it properly. Amazing!

gets a bath . . . and gets blow dried.
Sami & Rocky (just for perspective) Sami climbs stairs. Sami gets crazy.
Sami at 7 weeks

Sami at 5 months . . .


check out the rest of the family

If you are trying to hand-raise orphaned kittens, I recommend this book . . .

which can be purchased directly from Amazon.

 If you have any questions about hand-raising newborn kittens, I would be happy to answer them.


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