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Our cat colony

These are pictures from a former feral cat colony in our neighborhood. Several of the off-spring are in nice homes, including our own. They have many of the properties of Norwegian Forest cats. They get long ruffs around their necks and long fur under their arms and belly during the winter. The feral cats molt in the spring. They have the double coat with a soft undercoat with shiny longer fur on their body. They have very long and full tails, long fur on their ears, long tufts on the underside of their paws. Their eyes "glow in the dark" and have a slanted appearance. They have powerful bodies. Only one of the descendents from this colony are still around. She is a daughter from Missy (below), probably a sister of Sami, 1 year younger, and looks like one of her mom's offspring from Sami's litter, Snowball. All of these picutres were posted in Fall 2001.

Papa cat with his last group of kitens - July 2001. He would have been 19 years old at the time


Popa was 20 this summer. He is missing one ear, as of 2 years ago. Moma cat is in the background to the upper left of the hosta. She died this summer.

July 2000 kitten.

Punky who lives with Su

Petey brother of Punky, who stayed feral, was too shy to catch when he was little, but was  really pretty.

Kittens from 2001. These kittens were all adopted and made great pets.

Panda, who lives with us She was feral, and was enticed inside when she was 5 months old. She is very sweet and only scratches on her scratching post.

More Panda, she is really a princess.

Now these guys are living in nice homes.

Second generation from Panda's feral twin sister Missy, . . son Sami at 3 weeks. Sami was handraised, when the mom deserted 2 of her kittens. See baby pix.


Sami at 5 months

Sami's mom. Missy. Even though the new mom abandoned 2 kittens, she did raise one, Snowball at the right. She was too wild to catch, really scratched when I tried. She disappeared about 2 years ago.

Sami's dad, what a gorgeous cat. He hasn't been seen in several years.

Sami's feral sister at 3 months. Snowball also got adopted by a nice family the day after this picture was taken.



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