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Here are several credible nutrition and health related sites for browsing.  Many include search engines to help you find a specific topic.


bulletAmerican Dietetic Association
bulletAmerican College of Sports Medicine
bulletAmerican Heart Association
bulletAmerican Medical Association
bulletEating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
bulletFood and Drug Administration
bulletIllinois Dietetic Association
bulletNational Library of Medicine PubMed, for on-line searching of medical literature
bulletNational Institutes of Health
bulletWest Virginia Dietetic Association

Healthy Eating

Check out the facts on fad diets, at Setting the Record Straight (click under professional resources).

Find out how adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can reduce blood pressure through the DASH diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension), based on a National Institutes of Health multi-center trial. Learn about a new book to support your efforts to adopt the DASH diet at or

Learn how to read the food labels at the FDA web site.

Get to a healthy weight, with help from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

Kids health sites

BMI calculator for kids When you get to the new page, click on the graph  to access the calculator.


Action for Healthy Kids

Nutrition magazine and website links

Today's Dietitian magazine, The magazine for nutrition professionals.

Today's Diet and Nutrition magazine,
he Magazine for Food, Fitness, and Well-Being., The Premier Allied Health Employment site.


Healthy beef recipes

Nutrition info on beef


Find healthy pork recipes


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