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Kitten up for adoption

Little Max is about 7 months old, is neutered, and has had shots including rabies. Max loves the other cats in his foster home and is very social, engaged and chatty. He has a wonderful, playful, happy personality, although he is initially very shy of new people touching him. Max has very silky, short hair.  For more info call 847-444-1435, or email  My guarantee is that if the adoption doesn't work out (within the 1st month), you can bring back the kitten, or ask me to come get it.

Little Max is such a doll. He took a while to lose his fear of people, but now is a regular playful, fun kitty. He loves to be petted, and has really loud purrs. He loves other cats, and goes around making little "hmmm" noises when he is happy which is quite often. He is high energy.


Max and his brother, Jack the Adventure cat purring together. Jack is already adopted out. Max will be happiest in a home with at least one other cat, so he will have a buddy to play with.

Max loves to play. He is such a joy to have around. Little Max on the prowl. He loves to chase balls, then walks around with them in his mouth.

Former year's kittens

The first two rows are pictures of Jessica at 7 months old, and at 5 months. She is happy in a new home (as are her siblings), the last of the kittens for the summer of 2002. Other kittens from this summer were her siblings P.J., Jerry Garcia, Freckles, and Snowball, along with Princess. Some of the comments from the adopting families are: "She is a keeper, she bonded with our older cat and they are now good friends." "Thank you SO MUCH for giving us the best kitties in the whole world." " Freckles" [see below] is doing well. He had a good night. He is a real snuggly kitten. He is such a good kitten - never a mess with the litter out of the box and so cuddley." "PJ is just like a puppy - he follows me everywhere."
That is Jessica and her mom. Following are pictures of her siblings.
"PJ" (Petey Jr) is a long haired cat, similar to Norwegian Forest cats.
P.J. and Jerry Garcia (he has tie dyed fur!)

Jerry Garcia, orange tabby, short hair.

Snowball will also probably have long fur similar to Norwegian Forest cats.
This is the mom of Jessica, Jerry Garcia, Petey Jr., Snowball, and Freckles.

Mom was still nursing Jessica and Snowball at 3 months, even though the kittens were a little old.

Freckles and Princess.


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