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Customized support for weight loss, including low carb programs

We can support your weight loss efforts with a low carb plan, a moderate carb, or a traditional plan, whichever is best suited for your weight loss needs. Find your healthy weight by clicking here. Who is most likely to benefit from a low carb plan? If you answer yes to any of the following, you may benefit from a low carb diet.

bulletDo you carry your weight around your middle?
bulletHave you recently experienced a rapid weight gain?
bulletAre you post-menopausal, and fighting weight creep (or extra fat around your waist)?
bulletAre you post-partum and can't lose the baby weight?
bulletDo you have high cholesterol, low HDL, elevated triglycerides, and/or high blood pressure? Have you been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome?
bulletAre you prediabetic?
bulletDo you have PCOS?
bulletDo you experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)?
bulletDo you exercise regularly and find that your weight still doesn't budge?
bulletAre you fighting corticosteroid-induced weight gain?


If a low carb plan is right for you, we can support you with a healthy plan that emphasizes lean meats, fish and poultry, low-fat and nonfat dairy, and lots of vegetables. After a few weeks, fruits, whole grains, and more flexibility are incorporated in the program. (The low carb really refers to low "empty" carbs, that aren't rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and the other nutrients that make us healthier.) For more tips and recipes, click here. For support in choosing and following a heatlhy low carb plan, call (847-509-1540) or email us at marla@netrd.com. Make an appointment now.  Our low carb plan is further described here.

Many people who find early success on a high fat, low carb plan, will regain weight quickly after they stop their diet. Research suggests that high saturated fat diets tend to make people more sensitive to carbs. Our plan emphasizes lean meats, low-fat or nonfat dairy, and healthy fats, such as that found in olives, avocados, nuts, and fatty fish. This promotes weight loss, without increasing your sensitivity to weight gain from carbs. This results in a much more flexible low carb plan, with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and (mostly) whole grains. And you learn healthy eating that you can sustain for the long run. High-fat low-carb plans establish a way of eating that promotes weight regain. Our plan helps you sustain the weight loss, by developing healthy habits while you are losing weight.

Phone (847-509-1540) or email (lowcarb@netRD.com) to learn about how our plans can help you. We now have a jump-start plan available by email, with continuing support, at a very modest cost. Please feel free to ask about either email, telephone, or in-person consultations.


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